Zagaz, with an exquisite variety of unique aromas, is your ally in the kitchen when washing dishes as it has a formula developed with active ingredients that easily cut through tough grease and eliminate bacteria. Those unpleasant odors and dirt cannot get rid of our 4x:

  • Without grease
  • Without bacteria
  • With glycerin
  • Odor defense

Zagaz Care has a special formula with aloe extract and corn starch that not only removes grease from dishes but also takes care of the delicate skin of the hands by leaving them soft and smooth as it provides a pleasant experience through its delicate scents of Rice and Almond Cream/Aloe and Green Tea.

Zagaz Expert Dishwashing Liquid is our specialized line that not only removes grease, bacteria and bad smells, but it also contains BIO Active ingredients that become active when they come into contact with grease and residues adhered to all types of surfaces, making dishwashing easier.

Benefits of Bio Active ingredients:

  • Reduced scrubbing effort
  • Reduced soaking time
  • No need to use hot water to remove stuck-on foods


    1. Grease free
    2. Bacteria free
    3. With BIO Active ingredients to cut tough grease residues
    4. Neutralizes bad smells

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